Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Winter in South Bend

Being from Upstate New York, I'm used to getting bombarded with snow each winter. Out here at school, it seems as if we are always getting snow, but that it is never really accumulating. Within the next 24 hours however, South Bend could be getting slammed with more than a foot of snow. All of this snow reminds me of high school when a big storm would mean the possibility of the beloved SNOW DAY. There were few things better on a winter morning than waking up and checking the news stations to see "Ballston Spa Central School District - CLOSED."

Unfortunately for me, the days of the snow day are gone. I think you can count the number of times that ND has cancelled classes for snow on one hand. Since so many students live on campus and ND is not a commuter school, there have been very few times when the weather has gotten in the way of those lectures in DeBartolo. So although it's very unlikely that tomorrow's classes will be cancelled, the weather gives me a chance to reminisce a bit about the glorious snow days of years past.

Here's a quick look at some of the articles I've been working on:

- Next month, the University is taking its annual Medical Ethics Conference to the home of the Catholic Church. To mark the 25th anniversary, the conference will be held in Rome this year. Highlights will include a week of sightseeing and the annual J. Philip Clarke Family Lecture presented by Fr. Michael S. Sherwin, O.P. The conference will join medical professionals from across the U.S. and Europe.

- As ND prepares to open a new cancer research center, many professors are working hard to fight against this disease. Amanda Hummon, the Walther Cancer Institute Assistant Professor of Biochemistry is preparing to begin her research study, focusing on the chemical equilibrium within cancer cells. She hopes to discover individual drug targets and the protein imbalances that exist in a cancer system.

- In the coming weeks, keep an eye out for more information about the annual Hesburgh Month of Service. Started in May 2007 to celebrate Father Ted's 90th birthday, this program is now in its fourth year. As part of the Hesburgh Month of Service, all members of the ND family are invited to join in service projects being hosted by ND clubs around the world.

- While everyone is familiar with the famous "Play Like a Champion Today" slogan, many may not yet be aware of Double Domer Drew Mitchell's real estate business, Rent Like a Champion. Started with two ND classmates, RLAC links alumni, students, families and fans with affordable rentals in South Bend. Their offerings are great for football weekends, JPW and Commencement. Check out the upcoming Young Alumni e-Newsletter for more information on Drew and his company.

I've been keeping busy with articles for ND Today, Onward to Victory, and the Young Alumni e-Newsletter. As we approach the middle of February, the semester is also getting more hectic academically. It's hard to believe the semester is nearly one-third complete and JPW is just around the corner, with spring break to follow shortly thereafter. This semester is flying by and I know it's only going to get faster once the snow melts and the sun comes out in SB.